Auditions for the Innovation Show Choir are held twice yearly, in September and January.  Auditions are arranged by appointment only.  Please call to schedule your appointment at (818) 618-9027.

Download the Spring 2020 Audition Flyer for more information.


Audition Requirements:

1) Please prepare one song (16 bars) with digital accompaniment.

2) Be prepared to learn and perform a brief, basic dance routine.

For further information, please contact Lydia A. Saxton, Artistic Director, at (818) 618-9027 or email us at

Tuition Fees

Our competitive tuition rates offer families an excellent value. Private music or dance lessons typically cost anywhere from $70 to $80 per hour. As a member of the Innovation Show Choir, your child will receive a minimum of two hours of high-quality music and/or dance instruction for each week that we are in session (September to May). With a private instructor, this would typically add up to $280 - $320 per month!

Monthly tuition is required of all members and will help defray the cost of staff, facility rental, music rights, insurance, etc.  Tuition is due at the first rehearsal of the month while we are in session (September to May).  Tuition is payable to the Innovation Show Choir and may be paid via check or Venmo.  Monthly tuition rates and discounts for multiple members from the same family are as follows:


First member in a family: $100/month

Second member in a family (sibling): $80/month

Third member in a family (sibling): $60/month

For those wishing to pay in advance for the entire season (September to May), the following discounts apply:*


First child in the family: $100/month = $800, less a discount of $50 = $750!

Second child in the family: $80/month = $640, less a discount of $40 = $600!

Third child in the family: $60/month - $480, less a discount $30 = $450!

*Payment in advance in non-refundable.

Registration Fee

A Registration Fee of $50 per child will be charged for each member.  This is a one-time fee, provided the chorister continues with the ICS from one season to the next, without interruption.

Additional Fees

From time to time, we may request that families incur the cost of specialty costumes and/or other performance paraphernalia.

Additional Requirements

Parents will be required to contribute volunteer hours during rehearsals and performances.  Please contact the Executive Director, Lydia A. Saxton, for more information or call (818) 618-9027.


Financial Assistance

Our philosophy is to provide a high-quality program at a reasonable cost so that talented young people in the greater Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley areas who meet our audition criteria can participate, regardless of their socio-economic status.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are able to solicit donations from charitable institutions to set up a fund for families who may qualify for financial assistance.  Please download our Financial Assistance Application Form.


Please note: If financial assistance is granted, the parent or guardian will be required to fulfill extra volunteer hours (in addition to what is expected of all parents) while we are in session (September to May).


If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to support our financial assistance efforts, please contact our Board of Directors at or our Executive Director, Lydia A. Saxton at (818) 618-9027.


We believe strongly that participation in the Innovation Show Choir helps to foster academic excellence and good citizenship.  With this in mind, it is our intention each year to award a scholarship to one of our members who is a graduating senior. More information about this scholarship will be forthcoming.


The Board of Directors will soon begin soliciting donations from appropriate charitable institutions, individual donors, and other contributors for this purpose. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Innovation Show Choir, please contact our Board of Directors at or our Executive Director, Lydia A. Saxton at (818) 618-9027


The Innovation Show Choir is an ensemble of the

Santa Clarita Music and Dance Collaborative, Inc.,

a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Mailing Address: 23742 Lyons Ave., #220175, Newhall, CA 91322

(818) 618-9027

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