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Come DANCE with us

 The SCMDC is dedicated to forming confident, knowledgeable, and creative young people. Our mission is to inspire and nurture young people as they strive for artistic excellence, while instilling a lifelong appreciation for the choral and dance arts. Our dance program provides a safe and fun environment for our students to learn and practice various forms of dance artistry. We offer classes for all ages and levels from beginner, intermediate, and advanced dance. Join us and explore the world of dance.

Beginning Dance Class

Beginning Dance Classes is your one-stop shop for all things related to performing arts. We offer beginner classes that are open to anyone with little to no experience in dance. Our classes are taught by experienced professionals who will guide you in learning the fundamentals of dance for musicals and show choreography.

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, or just looking to have some fun.

Intermediate Dance Class

In our Intermediate Dance Class, we strive to help each and every dancer reach their fullest potential. Our classes are designed to help increase technique and flexibility while learning jazz and musical theater dance steps. All dancers will be exposed to ballet, jazz and tap during the weekly classes. This class is for those who have previous dance experience and are looking to expand their skills. 

Triple Threat

At Triple Threat Dance Class we strive to teach our students the importance of hard work and dedication. Our classes are designed to give our dancers the skills to take on any musical theater role. Our classes provide the perfect combination of ballet, jazz, tap, singing, and dancing to help our dancers reach their full potential. 

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