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MUSIC Classes at the ISC

Parallel Lines


Innovation Show Choir

Innovation Show Choir is our flagship show choir, offering opportunities for students grades 3rd-8th to study music and dance. The Innovation Show Choir is our largest music program offered. It is also the gateway to many of our other programming, and members get great benefits from joining the Innovation Show Choir. The Innovation Show Choir is for experienced singers and combines music and dance in a safe and supportive artistic environment. 


Choristers In Training

Choirsters in Training is a performing arts class that will have your child singing like a pro in no time. Our instructors provide a fun and safe learning environment to help your child build the fundamental skills of vocal music. We emphasize the importance of teamwork, friendship and collaboration, and our classes are open to anyone with little to no experience in singing, from 1st to 8th grades. This is strictly a singing class and does NOT include dance. Start your journey with us today and give your child the opportunity to experience the joy of singing


In-Stereo Acapella Choi

At In Stereo, we offer a unique acapella class for 8th-12th graders. Our class focuses on learning to sing complex multi part harmony, imitating musical instruments sounds to create a fuller sounding arrangement without accompaniment, and may even include body percussion and simple household objects. We have an audition process for new and returning members. Limited to 12 members. Come join us and discover the beauty of acapella music.

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